Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Welcome, get acquainted with what you can find here

Hi everyone,

This blog gives you insight in the belgian music business.
Things that are not always neat, things that you will not find in the newspapers, and of course gossip.

The editor is a top producer / engineer / songwriter who has been working for all the major labels in the belgian scene and some abroad too. A few things have really puzzled him, some funny, some not so funny, some that made him really go berzerk, some that made him laugh and some that made him want to punch a very specific bald not too tall fat guy's lights out. But that was a long time ago and one day we'll be the best of friends now won't we PB? After all, you're very successful in what you do and these days, I am too so...

Anyway, this blog was created on August, 22nd 2006, fairly new thus, but new artikels will be posted regularly.

The rules:
For God's sake, behave yourselves, don't turn this into a yelling parade, don't piss each other off. We are not responsible for nukes being planted under each other's beds, knives being thrown to each other, CDs being copied and burnt etc etc.

In other words, keep it civilised cause as you might already have guessed, my mental condition does not allow me to moderate in a fashionable way...

And of course, if you got something hot you want to share with us, please feel free and do so right here.

See you around,
Cheers Lawrence


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